The Future of Marketing: Power of AI Marketing Tools

The Future of Marketing: Power of AI Marketing Tools

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and ever-evolving consumer preferences, the landscape of marketing has undergone a profound transformation. Traditional marketing strategies that once relied on intuition and broad demographics have given way to a data-driven, hyper-personalized approach. 

At the forefront of this revolution stands Artificial Intelligence (AI), a formidable force poised to reshape the future of marketing as we know it. In this article, we embark on a journey into the exciting realm of AI marketing tools, exploring how they are redefining the way businesses connect with their audiences. 

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of AI-powered marketing, uncovering the incredible potential and opportunities it presents for marketers.

AI-Powered Text Generation Tools


Price: Free

ChatGPT ai marketing tool
Source: ChatGPT

ChatGPT represents an advanced language model developed by OpenAI with the ability to comprehend and generate human-like conversations.

What sets ChatGPT apart is its extensive training on a vast dataset of dialogues, endowing it with the capability to complete text passages, generate responses, and provide answers akin to human interactions.

This feature makes ChatGPT a potent tool for enhancing various conversational applications, ranging from basic chatbots to intricate virtual assistants. 

  • Enabling it to support human agents in customer service.
  • Crafting product descriptions for e-commerce platforms.
  • Summarizing findings from market research.
  • Conducting keyword analysis for optimizing SEO strategies.
  • Generating ideas for content marketing campaigns.


Pricing: Starter Plan at an estimated cost of $40 per month, granting access to a monthly word limit of 35,000 across up to 5 users.

Jasper AI marketing tool
Source: Jasper

Jasper, an AI-driven tool, empowers businesses to craft compelling and persuasive content across a spectrum of mediums, encompassing blog posts, landing pages, social media updates, advertisements, and marketing emails.

Jasper's most remarkable feature lies in its capacity to generate customized, engaging copies that resonate with a business's unique requirements and target audience, all while staying true to the brand's distinctive voice and appeal.

  • Enhance the legibility of your content.
  • Lengthen or condense sentences as needed.
  • Reframe content to achieve a more suitable tone.
  • Generate a plethora of fresh advertising copy.
  • Provide intelligent responses to queries on platforms like Quora, social media comments, and support tickets.
  • Personalize your email communications.

Copy AI

Price: 7-day free trial of the Pro Plan is available, affording access to over 90 copywriting tools and permitting a monthly word limit of 2000 words. The paid Pro Plan is priced at $49 per month.

Copy AI
Source: Copy AI

Copy AI stands as an artificial intelligence writing software, engineered to facilitate content creation with minimal contextual input. It offers a suite of "automated creativity tools" tailored to diverse industries.

One of the standout features of Copy AI is its extensive array of templates, encompassing everything from social media bios to testimonial emails, effectively rendering it a comprehensive AI marketing tool for your business.

  • Crafting distinctive copies and organizing them by projects.
  • Utilizing it to craft compelling product descriptions.
  • Formulating your unique brand slogan.
  • Discovering attention-grabbing email subject lines.
  • Revising text to convey the same message but in a different tone.


Price: $29 for Standard / $79 for Pro / $129 for Agency (in a month)

Source: GrowthBar

What makes GrowthBar truly remarkable is its versatility, serving as a comprehensive tool to meet all your written content requirements. Here's how to effectively integrate GrowthBar into your business strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Meta Generator
  • AI Blogging Tools

GrowthBar uses GPT-3 AI to automate content generation. It can suggest keywords, exact word count, links, images, and more. The tool is capable of providing extensive backlinking as well as creating blog post content outlines. There’s also a Chrome extension available. 

Article Forge

Price: Article Forge offers a 5-day complimentary trial, following which the cost for 100,000 words per month and access for a single user is priced at $57 per month.

Article Forge - AI Marketing tool
Source: Article Forge

Article Forge represents a content generation tool harnessing artificial intelligence to produce original and high-caliber articles spanning a wide array of subjects.

Article Forge's standout attribute lies in its adaptability, granting users the ability to tailor the generated articles in terms of tone, length, and style, ensuring a harmonious alignment with their brand's distinctive voice.

This functionality plays a pivotal role in preserving content consistency with the business's brand and messaging. 

  • Maintain your website or blog with a consistent influx of fresh content.
  • Craft SEO-optimized articles to enhance online visibility.
  • Engage email subscribers with pertinent and informative content.
  • Generate content tailored for social media marketing endeavors.
  • Create posts suited for guest blogging opportunities.


Pricing: Starter plan is available at a rate of $39 per month, offering one seat and unlimited word processing capabilities. Alternatively, the Data-driven Teams plan is priced at $79 per month, which includes three seats and unlimited word processing capabilities.

Anyword - AI marketing tool
Source: Anyword

Anyword stands as a generative AI copywriting platform designed to empower marketers in captivating their audience, enhancing performance, and attaining their marketing objectives.

What truly sets Anyword apart is its pioneering predictive scoring system. Anyword possesses the capability to anticipate the effectiveness of your marketing copy even before investing in ad testing. Furthermore, it extends valuable suggestions for optimizing the copy's performance. 

  • Elevate the performance of your content.
  • Craft copies that seamlessly align with your brand's unique voice.
  • Streamline the tracking of copy performance across all channels, encompassing advertisements, social media, websites, and email campaigns.
  • Simply input your webpage URL, allowing Anyword to assess and enhance your existing copy for peak performance.

AI-Powered Tools for Editing Video and Audio


Pricing: Free Plan includes one watermark-free video export per month. Alternatively, the Creator Plan is priced at $12 per user per month.

Source: Descript 

Descript is a comprehensive platform designed for video transcription and editing purposes.

What sets Descript apart is its dual nature, seamlessly combining simplicity and advanced capabilities. With its all-inclusive feature set, Descript eliminates the need for additional tools in the realm of video creation and editing. Here's how to effectively integrate Descript into your business operations:

  • Employ it for transcribing your videos, supporting 22 languages.
  • Utilize it to streamline video editing by eliminating filler words such as "umm" and "uhh."
  • Enhance your videos by incorporating transitions, music, effects, and animations.
  • Amplify your social media presence using readily available templates.


Price: Synthesia offers the option to create a free AI video by selecting a template and editing your script on their homepage. For more extensive usage, the Personal Plan is available at a rate of $30 per month, billed monthly.

Synthesia - AI marketing tool
Source: Synthesia

Synthesia emerges as an AI-driven video creation platform, serving as a valuable resource for crafting videos across a multitude of languages, ultimately saving both time and budget resources.

Synthesia's standout feature is its ability to break free from the confines of repetitive templates, offering a diverse selection of 50+ video templates and 70+ AI avatars. Here's how to effectively leverage Synthesia for your business needs:

  • Develop educational content to facilitate employee training initiatives.
  • Achieve high-volume production of top-notch synthetic media.
  • Replace the need for voiceover actors with Synthesia's capabilities.
  • Utilize it within the HR department to streamline employee onboarding processes.
  • Elevate the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Tools for Generating Images


Price: new members enjoy 25 free queries, with several paid membership choices available. Paid memberships encompass benefits such as unlimited image generations (or limited options at a lower cost), full community access, and favorable commercial terms.

Source: Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered tool designed to transform textual descriptions into visual images.

Currently, access to Midjourney is exclusive to the official Midjourney Discord platform. You can utilize it by either sending direct messages to the bot or by inviting the bot to a third-party server.

What sets Midjourney apart is its flexibility. If you're dissatisfied with the initial image generated, you have the option to request higher resolutions and variations of the image. Here's how to effectively incorporate Midjourney into your business strategy:

  • Craft images tailored for social media, advertising campaigns, and various marketing materials.
  • Generate customized visuals that harmonize with your brand identity and messaging.
  • Obtain images suitable for blog posts, articles, and diverse content types.
  • Create design elements for websites, applications, and other digital products.


Price: 50 credits for free. Next 115 credits for $15.

Source: DALL-E

DALL-E, a colossal model boasting 12 billion parameters, has been trained on a dataset comprising text-image pairs, enabling it to generate images based on textual descriptions.

What distinguishes DALL-E is the ownership it confers upon the images you generate using its capabilities. You have the full rights to reprint, sell, and merchandise these images, regardless of whether they were created using free or paid credits. 

  • Swiftly transform text descriptions into enhanced images.
  • Utilize it as a source of inspiration.
  • Experiment with and validate your concepts before diving into full-scale development.
  • Create preliminary layouts for your website.
  • Explore various iterations of your ideas.

AI-Powered Tools for Social Media

Meet Edgar

Price: 7-day free trial. Following this period, users can select between the Eddie or Edgar plan. 

Meet Edgar
Source: Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar represents a social media scheduling tool designed to empower users in scheduling and reusing their social media content.

What truly sets Meet Edgar apart is its content recycling feature. This functionality enables users to schedule their social media posts for multiple repetitions, ensuring that their content reaches a broader and more engaged audience. Here's how to effectively integrate Meet Edgar into your business strategy:

  • Streamline social media activities through automation.
  • Facilitate collaboration among multiple team members.
  • Categorize and methodically organize your content for easy management.
  • Optimize time management and maintain content consistency by scheduling and recycling posts.

AI-Powered Tools for Language Processing


Price: Acrolinx offers customized quotes upon direct contact, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

Source: Acrolinx

Acrolinx serves as a tool that aids organizations in enhancing the quality, uniformity, and efficacy of their written communications through text analysis. It offers feedback and guidance concerning grammar, style, terminology, and various language-related aspects.

The standout feature of Acrolinx lies in its ability to assess existing content and make necessary adjustments to align it with brand standards and guidelines. Here's how to effectively deploy 

  • Identify areas of weakness in your content and receive guidance for improvement.
  • Ensure the consistent creation of content, even when multiple contributors, teams, or locations are involved.
  • Uphold a uniform brand voice and tone across your communications.
  • Monitor adherence to established brand standards within your content.


Price: Basic - free, Business Plan depends on the number of members, starting at $15.00 USD/ month for 1 member.

Source: Grammarly

Grammarly stands as an invaluable asset among free marketing tools for businesses, offering a potent AI-driven content marketing platform that ensures the refinement and professionalism of written content.

This robust platform boasts highly precise AI capabilities, capable of real-time spelling and grammar checks online. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated as a Google Chrome extension. For more advanced functionalities, such as evaluating tone, enhancing clarity, and refining writing style, businesses can explore the Premium and Business subscription options.

  • Enhanced Communication Clarity
  • Real-time Feedback Mechanism
  • Tone Customization
  • Formality Level Adjustment
  • Plagiarism Detection Capability

Price: $14.99 per month
Source: empowers you to craft SEO-optimized content with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Upon entering a topic, Frase swiftly and automatically collects data from leading websites sharing the same keyword. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, this marketing tool proceeds to create an SEO-friendly outline, enabling you to produce content with a greater likelihood of achieving higher rankings in search results.

Throughout your content creation journey, Frase evaluates your work, assigning a score that directly correlates with the potential ranking of your content compared to competitor sites. In essence, the higher your score, the more favorable your content's position is likely to be in comparison to competitors.

  • Examine data to pinpoint the subjects and keywords that hold the most relevance for your business and target audience.
  • Scrutinize your current content and offer suggestions for its enhancement.
  • Develop your content strategy and establish a content calendar.
  • Produce comprehensive, SEO-optimized content outlines.

AI Tools for Presentation and Design

Price: Pro Plan - $12 per month, billed annually, while the Team Plan - $50 per user.
Source: is presentation software designed to simplify the creation of professional-looking presentations.

What sets apart is its incorporation of an expert deck designer that can automatically arrange slides and layouts. It also provides users with the flexibility to tailor their presentations to align with their brand identity.

  • Personalize your presentations by integrating your brand's colors, fonts, and logos.
  • Ensure consistency and save time with pre-designed templates and automated formatting.
  • Allocate more time to critical business tasks.
  • Collaborate on presentations in real-time.
  • Effortlessly update previous reports with a single click.

AI Tools for Text-to-Speech


Price: $47 (excluding taxes and VAT).

Source: Speechelo

Speechelo is a text-to-speech (TTS) application that employs advanced AI and machine learning to transform written text into lifelike speech, encompassing a variety of languages and accents.

What makes Speechelo truly exceptional is its extensive selection of voices and accents.

This software boasts a diverse array of natural-sounding voices across various languages and accents, empowering users to craft custom voice overs tailored to their precise requirements and target demographics. 

  • Craft professional sales videos.
  • Enhance training videos.
  • Utilize it for educational purposes.
  • Adjust speed and pitch to align with your business objectives.
  • Employ different voice tones for distinct purposes.

AI-Powered Tools For SEO

Content at Scale

Price: $15 to $31 per blog post, depending on the selected plan (monthly)

Content at Scale
Source: Content at Scale

Content at Scale represents a content creation and automation tool driven by three AI engines. It enables the rapid generation of long-form, high-quality AI SEO-optimized content, potentially reducing content production time and expenses by a factor of 10.

What distinguishes Content at Scale is its user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for both marketing professionals and those new to content creation.

This tool offers a multitude of features for content generation and repurposing, such as internal and external linking, an SEO checklist for comprehensive content optimization, the ability to establish a unique tone of voice for future content, multilingual content generation, and more.

  • Embrace industry-expert tones for your content.
  • Repurpose content using blog URLs or YouTube videos.
  • Rapidly create content exceeding 3,000 words.
  • Enhance content with AI-powered image and text analysis.


Price: Basic Plan - $49 per month

Source: Surfer

Surfer is a user-friendly online AI tool crafted to enhance blog posts, articles, and various types of written content. It specializes in technical SEO, offering users the capability to perform comprehensive audits on their existing content and compare it with competitors. Moreover, Surfer can assess keywords using Google's BERT method and boasts an extensive repertoire of over 500 ranking metrics for content analysis.

  • Conduct a comprehensive website audit to enhance factors like page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and other elements influencing search engine rankings.
  • Identify lucrative keywords for your niche.
  • Elevate your website's online presence, attracting increased traffic.
  • Establish automated reporting systems for regular updates.
  • Monitor the SEO performance of your competitors.

AI Tools for Business


Price: Free trial, for Pro Plan you can get in touch withFullstory directly.

Source: Fullstory 

Fullstory stands as a digital experience analytics platform that empowers businesses to scrutinize user engagements with their websites and mobile applications.

What distinguishes Fullstory is its session replay functionality, which offers businesses an intricate view of user interactions with their website or mobile app, encompassing actions like clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements.

  • Gain precise insights into user interactions with your website.
  • Identify areas and reasons for user challenges or difficulties on your website, mobile app, or software platform.
  • Unearth software bugs and points of friction.
  • Employ search and filtering options to isolate sessions by user, device, location, and other criteria.
  • Visualize user click patterns on a page.
  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide array of other tools and platforms.


Price: Free plan, Business plan from $17 with a 14-day free trial and Agency plan from $29 per month.

Source: Postcards

Postcards is an advanced email builder tool that recently integrated an AI Assistant to enhance its capabilities and streamline the email template creation process.

This valuable addition is tailored specifically for subscribers to the Agency Plan, empowering them to effortlessly craft captivating and highly efficient email templates.

The incorporation of AI ensures a smooth and efficient user experience, making it an invaluable tool for marketers looking to elevate their email marketing campaigns.

  • Craft personalized and responsive email templates.
  • Rapidly test and refine designs for optimal performance.
  • Leverage pre-designed templates to save time and maintain consistency.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing email marketing platform.
  • Monitor and analyze email performance to inform future campaigns.


Price: To obtain an estimate, you can get in touch with Crayon directly.


Crayon empowers you to maintain a constant vigil on your competitors' activities and gather crucial information from diverse data sources.

What makes Crayon exceptional is its automatic real-time tracking of competitors' movements, ensuring you stay abreast of developments as they happen.

Additionally, Crayon grants access to a variety of data types to keep you informed about shifts in products, messaging strategies, leadership changes, and other pivotal updates.

How to leverage Crayon for your business:

  • Actively collect insights about companies within your industry.
  • Keep your content current and relevant.
  • Receive notifications regarding website and personnel alterations among your competitors.
  • Collaborate with your team to add, modify, and share competitive and market intelligence.
  • Multiple departments, including sales and support teams, can derive value from this tool.

Price: To obtain an estimate, you can get in touch with directly.
Source: stands as an AI-driven platform that seamlessly integrates with a marketer's existing technology stack, taking charge of its management.

What sets apart is its multifaceted role as a support system, strategist, and executor for digital marketing campaigns, continually enhancing and autonomously overseeing their performance.

  • Leverage in e-commerce to analyze data from e-commerce platforms, optimizing product recommendations and ad targeting.
  • Utilize it to assess the effectiveness of various content types.
  • Integrate it with your company's CRM system for in-depth analysis of customer data.
  • Gain insights to fuel personalized marketing campaigns.


Price: Free trial, Pro Plan $15 per month

Manychat - ai marketing tool
Source: Manychat

Manychat serves as a platform designed for businesses, enabling them to construct and automate chatbots for various communication channels such as their website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

What distinguishes Manychat is its capacity to fashion highly adaptable chatbot workflows through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

This feature empowers users to craft intricate conversational experiences without necessitating technical expertise or familiarity with programming languages.

  • Automatically greet new subscribers with welcome messages.
  • Execute automated drip campaigns.
  • Create customized bots to address frequently asked questions.
  • Disseminate promotional messages and discounts to your customer base.


Price: Free Plan, Starter Plan - $75 per month per user

Source: LeadiQ

LeadiQ stands as a sales intelligence software designed to assist businesses in discovering, assessing, and engaging with their ideal clientele.

It excels at pinpointing companies and individuals with the highest likelihood of expressing interest in their products. In doing so, LeadiQ furnishes invaluable information about these entities, enhancing the personalization and refinement of the sales process.

The standout feature of LeadiQ lies in its lead prioritization capabilities, encompassing lead scoring and prioritization. These functions empower sales teams to methodically organize and effectively manage their leads.

  • Identify prospective customers through comprehensive data analysis from diverse sources.
  • Enhance your leads by enriching them with pertinent details such as company size, industry, and location, tailoring the sales approach.
  • Elevate efficiency and amplify the success rate of your sales team by systematically prioritizing leads.
  • Monitor email engagement metrics, including when emails were opened, clicked, and responded to.

To Sum Up

Considering the myriad advantages offered by AI algorithms, such as scalability, extensive reach, enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, informed decision-making, analytical prowess, improved customer experiences, and more, it's evident that we find ourselves merely at the inception of this AI technology revolution. 

Presently, marketers have access to a wealth of captivating tools, enabling even the smallest startups to vie for international acclaim alongside well-established brands.

It's worth noting that many of the tools mentioned above offer freemium versions, so it's advisable to remain receptive, give them a test run, and discover how they might become indispensable allies for your forthcoming marketing endeavors.

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