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Affordable Prices & Extra Costs

Plum offers a transparent pricing model with a clear understanding of the costs involved. For 100,000 page views, the charge is $39, providing you with an affordable solution to optimize conversions on your website.

Sleeknote operates with a pricing structure where the cost for 75,000 page views is $68. It is important to consider this pricing when evaluating the affordability of their services for your business.

Additionally, Plum offers a free plan that you can utilize indefinitely. This free plan allows you to experience the benefits of Plum's services at no cost, providing you with an opportunity to assess its features and functionality before making a commitment.

Unlike Plum, Sleeknote does not offer a free plan. However, they do provide a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to explore and test their features before making a commitment.

Suitability for Pro or Everyone

Plum's popup builder's simplicity renders it appropriate for all website owners. Its user-friendly interface allows both novices and experts to create successful campaigns effortlessly.

Both Plum and Optimonk are robust tools; however, unlike Plum, Optimonk is specifically designed for proficient users who can utilize it effectively.

Extra Costs & Limited Domains

Plum popup builder is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all website owners, regardless of their level of experience. Its simplicity and intuitive user interface (UI) make it a suitable tool for beginners as well as experts in the field. Even if you're new to creating popup campaigns, Plum user-friendly design and straightforward workflow make it easy to get started. The platform provides step-by-step guidance and intuitive controls, allowing you to create successful campaigns without a steep learning curve.

While both Plum and Sleeknote are powerful tools for conversion optimization, it's important to note that the usability and ease-of-use of a tool can vary based on individual preferences and skill levels. While Sleeknote may be perceived as more suitable for experienced users, Plum is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for website owners of all levels of expertise.

Speed of Popup Loading

Plum popups have achieved an impressive loading speed of less than 134ms. Significantly enhanced performance enhancements have been implemented to ensure that the speed at which your website opens remains unaffected.

Sleeknote's loading speed averages at 714ms, which results in a nearly 1-second slowdown in the opening speed of your website. If speed is a priority for you, it is highly recommended to take this into consideration.

Experts in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Dedicated Support

We place significant emphasis on providing excellent support to our customers. Our average response time for chat inquiries is within 5 minutes, ensuring prompt assistance for all your questions. Additionally, as part of our commitment to your success, we offer 1 hour of consultancy service per month with our CRO experts.

While Sleeknote also prioritizes customer support, their average response time for chat conversations is 6 hours, which is not as efficient as our service. We strive to provide quicker assistance and ensure that your inquiries are promptly addressed.

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