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Extensive Features at Affordable Prices

Plum offers a basic plan priced at $39 per month, which includes 100,000 page-views, unlimited websites, and unlimited popups. This plan provides users with extensive capabilities to maximize their marketing efforts. Additionally, Plum offers a forever free plan that allows users to enjoy most of the advanced features, with a limit of 5,000 page-views. 

Sumo offers a paid plan priced at $49 per month. This plan includes a limit of three sites and allows up to 100,000 visitors. 

No Badge Ad on Free Plan

All popups created with Plum are free from any brand advertisements or text. This applies to both the free and paid plans, ensuring that users can display their popups without any unwanted brand elements. 

To remove the Sumo branding from popups created with Sumo, users are required to upgrade to a paid plan. Unfortunately, the option to remove Sumo branding is not available in the free plan. 

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Plum offers a wide range of advanced targeting features that allow for detailed audience segmentation and higher visitor conversion rates. While ShowPopup focuses on not only growing email lists but also increasing sales and phone call traffic, it provides users with access to an extensive set of targeting options. 

Sumo's primary focus on email list building results in a more limited set of audience targeting features compared to Plum. While Sumo specializes in growing email lists, it may not offer as extensive a range of targeting options as Plum, especially when it comes to increasing revenue and implementing more advanced targeting strategies.

Restricted Domain and Page-View Limits

Plum offers paid plans that provide users with unlimited sites and unlimited popups across all pricing tiers. The basic plan, priced at $39, includes a generous allowance of 100,000 page-views. For users with higher traffic volumes, Plum's Pro plan offers 500,000 page-views, while the Expert plan provides 1,000,000 page-views. 

Sumo's paid plan restricts users to a maximum of three sites and limits the number of visitors to 100,000, which can be considered quite limited for businesses with larger online operations. Unfortunately, Sumo does not offer a paid plan that includes unlimited domains or allows for a higher number of visitors. 

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