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Free Blogger Popup Integration

You can enhance your website's growth and tailor a Blogger popup to suit your business requirements and objectives using Plum, enabling you to rapidly expand your blog.

Reasons to Consider Plum for Blogger

How To Create A Blogger Popup


Create an account on Plum


Choose the purpose of your popup design for your business


Tailor the popup to align with your digital marketing objectives


Insert the embed code of Plum into a tag within Google Tag Manager


Complete the process by publishing the tag on your Google Tag Manager



5 Compelling Reasons to Incorporate Popups

Let us outline five compelling reasons why you should consider including them in your designs:

Attention-Grabbing: In today's fast-paced digital world, grabbing users' attention is crucial. Pop-ups excel at delivering concise and attention-grabbing micro-messages that instantly capture users' interest.

Direct Focus: Pop-ups effectively direct users' attention to the most important content or offers. When a pop-up appears, users are naturally drawn to the valuable opportunities or special offers presented within it.

Versatility: Pop-ups have evolved and become more versatile. They no longer disrupt users' browsing experiences or clutter their screens with irrelevant ads. You can now utilize various types of pop-ups triggered at different stages of the website journey, such as upon entry, after scrolling to a specific point, triggered by user actions, or right before exit.

Clean Website Design: While minimalism is key to an aesthetically pleasing website, there are instances where you may have a critical message or offer that deserves immediate attention. Pop-ups provide a space-efficient solution to deliver important information without compromising the overall cleanliness and simplicity of your site.

Increased Conversions: Research conducted by Sumo demonstrates that well-designed pop-ups have the potential to significantly increase conversions. On average, pop-ups can convert at a rate of approximately 3%. However, with careful design and implementation, this rate can soar up to 9%, proving to be a powerful tool for driving user engagement and actions. You can leverage pop-ups to encourage users to fill out surveys, share content on social media, or watch videos on landing pages, further enhancing conversions and site engagement.

Considering these compelling reasons, integrating pop-ups into your website design can be a strategic choice to enhance user engagement, direct focus, and boost conversion rates. By utilizing well-crafted and targeted pop-ups, you can effectively deliver valuable messages and drive desired user actions.

Benefits Of Blogger And Plum Integration

Integrating Plum with can offer several benefits for bloggers and website owners. Here are some of the advantages of using this integration:

Increased Subscriber Base: 

By integrating Plum with, you can effectively capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to subscribe to your blog or newsletter. This helps you grow your subscriber base and establish a loyal audience.

Promote Special Offers or Discounts: 

Blogger popup can be utilized to promote special offers, discounts, or limited-time deals to your blog visitors. By integrating with Plum, you can strategically display these promotions to your audience, boosting engagement and conversions.

Highlight Important Content: 

Sometimes, there may be important content or announcements that you want to draw attention to on your blog. Popup can serve as an effective tool to highlight such content. By integrating with Plum, you can display important messages, announcements, or updates in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner.

Collect Feedback or Conduct Surveys: 

Blogger popup can be used to collect valuable feedback from your blog visitors or conduct surveys to gather insights. By integrating Plum with Blogger, you can create interactive feedback forms or survey popups, allowing you to gather data and improve your blog based on audience preferences or opinions.

Drive Social Media Engagement: 

Popups can be utilized to promote your social media profiles and encourage visitors to follow or engage with you on various platforms. By integrating with Plum, you can display social media popups with links to your profiles, increasing your social media reach and fostering a stronger online presence.

Customize User Experience: 

Integrating with Plum enables you to customize the user experience on your blog. You can create personalized popups based on visitor behavior, such as displaying targeted offers or recommendations based on their browsing history. This customization can lead to higher engagement and conversions on your blog.

Overall, it provides an effective way to engage with your audience, promote important content or offers, and optimize the user experience on your blog.

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