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Compatibility with All CMS

Plum is designed to work on all types of websites and ecommerce platforms, offering a user-friendly setup process that can be completed in just one minute. This means that regardless of the platform you are using for your website or online store, Plum provides a quick and straightforward integration process

Ninja Popups is a plugin specifically designed for compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce. 

Cutting-edge Targeting Capabilities

Plum offers an extensive range of sophisticated targeting features, including exit-intent triggers, URL browsing targeting, device type targeting, and many others.

Compared to Plum, Ninja Popups offers a more limited selection of targeting options.

Seamless Integration

Plum boasts effortless integration with WordPress and most web platforms through a simple one-line code. It eliminates the need for plugin installations, allowing you to quickly utilize it without concerns regarding updates or plugin-related complications.

As a WordPress plugin, Ninja Popups operates within the WordPress framework. However, it's important to note that plugins can sometimes impact website performance, potentially causing slowdowns. Additionally, plugins typically require regular updates to ensure compatibility and security, which may occasionally affect the user experience (UX).

Lifetime License

Plum operates on a monthly billing model due to the ongoing costs associated with server resources used for images and other codes within the popups. This pricing structure allows Plum to continuously enhance the product and provide consistent service quality.

Ninja Popups offers a one-time fee of $27, allowing you to use the plugin without additional charges. However, it's important to note that while the initial purchase includes the plugin itself, subsequent updates may require additional payments. Ninja Popups operates on the premise that you cover the server costs associated with using the plugin, hence not imposing any additional billing for those expenses.

Outstanding Popup Design Tool

Plum's popup builder is meticulously designed to offer users a user-friendly experience while providing a wide range of exceptional design features. This empowers users to effortlessly customize the pre-designed popup templates to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Compared to Plum, Ninja Popups' popup designer may have more limited capabilities and features.

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