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Cost-Effective Pricing

Plum offers a pricing plan that begins at $39, providing users with 100,000 page-views, unlimited websites, and unlimited popups. This plan allows businesses to effectively manage their costs while enjoying the flexibility of unlimited websites and popups to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, Plum offers a free plan that users can keep indefinitely until their website reaches 5,000 page-views. 

Privy adopts a pricing model based on the number of contacts. Their free plan includes 100 contacts, enabling users to get started without any cost. For users with larger contact lists, Privy offers a Starter plan priced at $30 per month, allowing for up to 2,000 contacts. T

Product Focus

Plum focuses its product offerings on empowering users to create highly effective popups. With the goal of converting passive visitors into customers, Plum provides tools and features designed to increase sales, drive phone call traffic, ensure compliance with cookie laws, and display announcement notifications. 

Privy's product focus extends beyond popups, which can limit its development as a dedicated popup tool. While Privy does offer popup capabilities through their Privy Convert plan, it's worth noting that they also have additional offerings such as Privy Email and Privy Text plans. 

Teaser Feature

Plum empowers site owners to promote products, facilitate phone calls, showcase coupon codes, and more in a user-friendly manner through the use of teaser popups. By utilizing teaser popups, site owners can present a condensed preview or snippet of the main popup, allowing visitors to engage with the content without feeling overwhelmed or annoyed.

Regrettably, Privy does not offer a teaser feature, which means it lacks the ability to display engaging popups without potentially annoying customers. In this regard, Plum would indeed be a more prudent choice for site owners seeking to create captivating popups while maintaining a positive user experience. 

Brand-Free Plans

Plum offers popups that seamlessly blend with your website, free from any branding elements. This holds true for both their free and paid plans. 

To remove the "Privy" branding from their popups, users are required to upgrade to a priced plan offered by Privy. Unfortunately, the ability to remove the branding is not available in the free plan.

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