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Product Focus

Plum places its primary product focus on popups. The company has developed a popup builder tool that is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and offer effective solutions for website growth. Plum users can leverage this tool to achieve various objectives such as expanding their mailing lists, boosting sales, minimizing cart abandonment, increasing phone call traffic, complying with cookie laws, and more.

Mailmunch adopts a product focus that encompasses three key areas: popups, landing pages, and email marketing. While this division of product focus may lead to a slight dilution of attention on the popup building aspect, it allows Mailmunch to provide additional features and capabilities for customers who require a more comprehensive solution. However, it is worth noting that this approach may result in Mailmunch offering slightly less advanced popups compared to Plum, which specializes solely in popup building. 

Lack of Transparent Pricing

Plum adopts a customer-friendly approach by offering all of its features across all paying plans. Regardless of the plan chosen, users have access to the full range of capabilities provided by Plum. 

The pricing is determined based on the number of subscribers. In addition to the initial pricing you see, there may be additional costs associated with certain must-have features that you may require. These extra features may come at an additional charge beyond the base pricing. It's important to carefully review the pricing details and consider any additional costs for specific features that are essential for your needs before making a decision.

Teaser Popup Functionality

Plum offers a unique approach to enhance user experience (UX) by providing the option to display less intrusive popups. Teaser popups serve as condensed versions or mini representations of the main popups. This allows website visitors to have a glimpse of the content or offer without being interrupted or overwhelmed.

Regrettably, Mailmunch does not offer the teaser popup feature.

Enhanced Integration Possibilities

Plum offers a multitude of integration options to enhance its functionality. These options include popular platforms such as Mailchimp, Zapier, SendGrid, Customer.io, MailerLite, and several others.

In comparison to Plum, Mailmunch offers a more limited selection of integration options.

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Design and Creation









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