The Best and Most Popular Framer Templates of 2024

The Best and Most Popular Framer Templates of 2024

Framer is a user-friendly platform streamlining website building. Whether you're a novice in design or a seasoned developer, Framer boasts an intuitive interface, empowering you to breathe life into your website concepts effortlessly. With its array of customizable templates, Framer offers choices to suit different design tastes.

From sleek, contemporary layouts to polished, sophisticated styles, Framer caters to a variety of preferences. Discover the convenience and adaptability of Framer firsthand. Begin crafting striking websites sans the intricacies of coding. Take Framer for a spin and unleash your website's full potential.

What Makes Framer Website Builder Stand Out?

Explore the boundless possibilities with Framer, where versatility, flexibility, and innovation converge. Extensive array of templates empowers designers at every level to unleash their creativity, pushing the boundaries of design and delivering exceptional user experiences. Here's why you should choose Framer for your next project:

  • Powerful Prototyping: Framer offers robust prototyping capabilities that empower designers to bring their ideas to life with interactive prototypes, enabling seamless user testing and feedback loops.
  • Advanced Animation: With Framer, you're not limited to basic transitions. Dive into advanced animation techniques to create stunning, dynamic interfaces that captivate users and enhance user experience.
  • Code-Powered Design: Framer's unique blend of design and code opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you're a designer who wants more control or a developer looking to streamline your workflow, Framer has got you covered.
  • Continuous Innovation: Framer is constantly evolving with new features and updates, ensuring that you always have access to the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing design landscape.

Top 8 Framer Templates in 2024

Below, you'll find a compilation of outstanding Framer templates available in 2024. Whether you're seeking the perfect template for your website, you're sure to discover an excellent option among these selections.

1. Solveig

Source: Framer

The Solveig template from Framer offers a sleek, minimal design tailored for freelancers, designers, and agencies looking to showcase their portfolios. Its modern aesthetics emphasize simplicity and elegance, making it an attractive choice for professionals who wish to present their work in a straightforward yet visually appealing manner. The template is fully responsive, ensuring that it performs well across all devices, which is crucial for today's mobile-centric web browsing trends.

This template allows for a high degree of customization, empowering users to tailor their sites to reflect their personal brand and professional ethos effectively.

2. Iris Wade

Iris Wade
Source: Framer

Website design, characterized by its cleanliness and modernity, is tailored for those in pursuit of a striking online presence. The sleek, minimalist layout and captivating animations offer visitors an immersive experience that is sure to engage them.

Whether you're a photographer, creator, or designer, design resonates with your creativity, showcasing your work in the most favorable light. Moreover, design doesn't just prioritize aesthetics; it also exudes professionalism. With its clean and contemporary aesthetic, your website communicates to potential clients that you approach your work with seriousness and are dedicated to delivering top-notch results.

3. Offset

Source: Framer

For designers, freelancers, or creatives in search of an exceptional portfolio template, explore Offset. Premium template is intricately designed with your requirements at the forefront, enabling swift customization and rapid portfolio launch. Featuring a scalable setup, you can craft a personalized portfolio that impeccably reflects your brand and displays your creations.

Offset is not only accessible and lightning-fast but also SEO-optimized, guaranteeing heightened visibility online and reaching your desired audience. Furthermore, its responsive design ensures your portfolio maintains its stunning appearance across all devices.

4. V5

Source: Framer

V5 stands as a Framer template embodying a minimalist design, presenting an optimal solution for designers and developers seeking to exhibit their work with sophistication and professionalism. A notable feature distinguishing V5 is its ingeniously crafted CMS (Content Management System), affording users comprehensive control over their portfolio and article/blog entries.

With V5, crafting and overseeing your portfolio website becomes effortless, even without coding expertise. The CMS facilitates seamless addition of new projects, updating of existing ones, and creation of fresh blog posts.

5. Chroma

Source: Framer

Chroma boasts a sleek and contemporary design, meticulously crafted to spotlight the core features and advantages of Framer's robust design and prototyping tool. The vibrant color palette, strong typography, seamless animations, and captivating visuals ensure a fluid and delightful user experience, facilitating effortless exploration of Framer's capabilities.

Beyond its visually striking appearance, Chroma offers intuitive navigation and clear calls to action, simplifying the process for users to access relevant information and perform desired actions. Chroma presents a comprehensive and adaptable solution to help fulfill your objectives.

6. Radiant

Source: Framer

Radiant, a Framer template, offers remarkable versatility and user-friendliness, ideal for effortlessly launching your e-commerce brand and store. With its sleek, minimalist design, it exudes a sense of modernity and sophistication, making it the preferred option for businesses aiming to showcase their brand with panache. 

Moreover, Radiant ensures full responsiveness, guaranteeing that your website delivers a flawless shopping experience across all devices, from smartphones to tablets and beyond. This seamless accessibility is crucial for providing customers with a consistently exceptional browsing experience, regardless of their preferred device.

7. Mobi

Source: Framer

Mobi offers extensive customization options, empowering you to align it precisely with your brand's requirements. Equipped with pre-designed sections, it enables effortless adjustments to match your preferences. Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate your images, videos, and content, ensuring the page reflects your unique identity.

In summary, Mobi proves to be an outstanding option for app owners and businesses aiming to establish a polished and visually captivating landing page for their mobile applications. Its contemporary design and adaptable features render it a versatile template, perfectly tailored to accommodate various requirements and preferences.

8. Tokyo

Source: Framer

Tokyo stands out as an outstanding SaaS template, meticulously crafted to offer contemporary and practical features for your website. Its complete responsiveness ensures seamless viewing across all devices, whether it's desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

One of Tokyo's notable features is its pre-configured color palette and typography styles, streamlining the customization process to align with your preferences effortlessly. By effortlessly adjusting colors and fonts, you can ensure your website mirrors your brand identity, setting it apart with a professional appearance.


In summary, Framer serves as a symbol of empowerment for designers, developers, and creative individuals alike. It provides a no-code platform that facilitates the creation of visually impressive websites. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop technology and intuitive interface, Framer enables anyone with an idea and internet access to delve into design and development.

Our carefully curated collection of the top Framer templates for 2024 embodies these values, offering a mix of innovation, creativity, and practicality. Whether you're constructing an online portfolio, starting a new business, or presenting a product, these templates offer unmatched flexibility and elegance. Embrace the opportunities, unleash your imagination, and allow Framer to guide you towards excellence in web design.

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