Fast, SEO & GDPR Compliant

Website speed is of paramount importance in today's digital landscape. The popup functions guarantee that it does not slow down your website's loading speed.

The Importance of Website Speed 

In today's digital landscape, website speed plays a crucial role. While many popup services can add 1-2 seconds to the website's load time, Plum boasts a quick load time of approximately 124 milliseconds. This ensures that the opening speed of your website remains unaffected and delivers a seamless user experience.

Impact of Popups on SEO

Improperly designed popups can have a negative impact on SEO. However, Plum offers SEO-friendly designs to mitigate any adverse effects. For more in-depth information, we invite you to read our blog post dedicated to this topic.

Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and Cookie Laws 

At Plum, we prioritize data privacy and compliance. The data collected through our platform strictly adheres to the regulations outlined in GDPR and CCPA. We prioritize the protection of user data and ensure that our practices align with the requirements of these regulations.

Our team round-the-clock to assist you

Our dedicated support team is always available to help you with any queries or issues you may encounter.