We Offer Teaser Popups

Teaser popups are mini versions of the primary popup campaigns. They are non-intrusive and, when clicked, they open the main popup campaign.

What is a Teaser in Your Campaign?

In our campaign, a teaser refers to a miniature popup that can be displayed either before or after the main popup. It serves as a condensed version of your campaign and significantly enhances the visibility of your popup, with potential visibility improvements of up to 65%.

How Do Teasers Function? 

Teasers operate based on two distinct targeting options: "Before the main popup is opened" and "When the main popup is closed."

If you select the "Before the main popup is opened" option, the teaser will be showcased according to your specified targeting preferences. On the other hand, if you choose "When the main popup is closed," the teaser will appear after the user closes the main popup. The teaser will persistently reappear if the user neither clicks on the targeted button within the popup nor fills out the form before closing it.

Our team round-the-clock to assist you

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