Connect your GetResponse account with Plumpopup in just a few minutes by following these easy steps.

1. First, create your account on GetResponse.

2. Then or if you already have one, you need to generate your API key.

To do this, go to Tools->Integrations and API.

integrations and API

Here choose the API tab.

choose the API tab

In order to get a token, click on the “Generate API key” button.

order to get a token

After inputting the name, click “Generate”.

inputting the name

Now you have your API key which you can copy to clipboard.

copy to clipboard

3. When you have your token copied, go back to Integrations in PlumPopun and choose GetResponse to connect.

GetResponse to connect

4. Input the name of your connection, paste the token in the API key field, and save this connection.

 save this connection

5. After saving your API key, click “Next” to continue.

next to continue

6. On the Details tab, select your list from the dropdown.

select your list

7. In the next step, fill in the fields with the data from the popup you would like to save.

Note: the email and the name fields are mandatory to be filled in.

next step

8. You can check your connection by clicking on the “Test connection” button.

test connection

9. If the test is successful, the test email will appear in the list of subscribers.

test email will appear

After you click on the “Save” button, your integration is ready and it is on by default. If needed, you can change its status to off, edit, or delete the integration.

 you can change its status to off

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.