Widget Design

How to set conditions?

In the “Conditions” tab, you can define the conditions under which certain actions will be triggered.

By clicking on this tab, you will see the popup with the “Add condition” and “Add action” buttons.


The “Add condition” button opens the list of all the elements on your form.

Add condition

Choose the needed element and set a specific condition for it.

specific condition

Then click the “Add action” button, select an action, and enter additional data if needed.

Add action

You can also combine several conditions and add several actions to be performed after these conditions are met.

several conditions

Note: “or” means that only at least one of the conditions should be met to trigger the action(s), “and” implies fulfilling all the conditions from the combination.

To set a completely separate condition, click the “Add new condition” button at the bottom.

Add new condition

If you want to delete unneeded elements, then click “Close” right next to the element.


Do not forget to save all your settings by clicking the “Save&Close” button.