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How can I set up a Teaser for my popup?

Teaser is a small sticky version of the popup which is shown before or after the main popup. It is usually some simple phrase, or call to action like Click here or Get a discount.

To set up your teaser, you have to enable it by clicking on the Teaser status switcher.

Teaser for popup

When the teaser is enabled, you can choose when it has to be shown: before the popup is opened or after the popup is closed.

Next select teaser rotation, position on the site and edit Teaser text and style.

Teaser for popup

You can add an image to your teaser. While choosing an image keep in mind that the teaser has limited space, so select an image that will look good in a small size.

To change the image style, click on the pencil icon.

Teaser for popup

If you want to add some custom features you can enter Custom CSS code in the blank field at the bottom of the section.

Teaser for popup